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Personal Training

"This is my bread & butter. I've been weight training for almost 20 years personally, & have trained the widest range of people possible to achieve their goals for the last 16 years. Personal training with me will 100% improve your knowledge, your results & your motivation to progress in the short, medium & long term."

Name: Benjamin T.
Age: 35
Occupation: Investment Banker

In working with Max I have someone who has worked to understand my fitness goals and fitted them into my day-to-day lifestyle. His approach both in person and over Zoom has been to ensure that I both continue to push myself to make improvements but also recognising that we all have days we are tired or that the session needs to fit into other day plans for example when I had a hockey match the workout would be adapted to make sure I was ready to play.

Thanks to Max I have come to think about how I can fit my life around my training goals rather than thinking that one must impact on another. Additionally, my working with Max around my desire to eat better and lose weight, I began to think about how I could manage my diet better without needing to remove what I enjoy. Max himself talks on his Instagram feed about how you should not feel guilty about having a “heavy” day with either food or drink and you should just look to take account of that within your overall diet and adapt accordingly.

I have been lucky in that training with Max has made him a friend of mine but I would not hesitate to recommend him to others, and have done, on the basis that he will work with you and to your goals rather than applying a one size fits all approach. He also is prepared to be flexible around when you can train and he was like that from when I started training with him – there are not many trainers who would be happy doing a session at 0530!

Name: George H.
Age: 32
Occupation: Service Desk Analyst

I used Max’s services to build muscle and strength through personal training and nutrition coaching. He came well recommended - and didn’t disappoint!

I have always been very skinny growing up but noticed as I moved into my mid-twenties that I began to gain some fat. I thought it was time to take action; and trained with Max for around 18 months.

During this time I lost fat, gained muscle and strength, resolved my postural imbalances and developed an understanding of exercise and nutrition, which enabled me to progress during and beyond our working relationship (by creating a healthy lifestyle that works for my lifestyle!).

Name: Lilli B.
Age: 30
Occupation: Hairdresser

Personal training with Max allowed me to burn fat whilst increasing muscle definition. However, the thing that most amazed me was the way he corrected my posture and improved my core strength without loads of boring corrective exercises.

I used to get a lot of pain associated to bad posture from hairdressing and inappropriate footwear, which stopped me exercising and wrecked my motivation to eat well. Now I can work and exercise pain free, with an effective programme - tailored to my job, goals and preferences - exercise isn’t a chore, and is something I actually look forwards to.

Name: Oliver C.
Age: 30
Occupation: Software engineer

I turned to Max as my wedding was drawing nearer and I wanted to get into a better shape and establish a well structured, long term fitness routine. It's now well past my wedding and I wouldn't dream of stopping training!

Max isn't the first personal trainer I have used, but my progress with Max was quicker and more enjoyable than anything I have done before.

The progress that you make is obvious, whether that's by looking in the mirror or noticing the weight of what you are lifting creeping up each week.

Training regularly with Max means that I have a more balanced lifestyle where I don't need to obsess over what I am eating in order to feel and look healthy.

Name: Mark W.
Age: 34
Occupation: DJ and Music Producer

Aside from Max’s great attitude towards training, I’ve enjoyed his methodical approach to improving my fitness and body shape. Every session feels like a constant progression as I’m not only seeing positive results through the way I look, but also the amount of weight I’m lifting and the volume.

I’ve managed to increase muscle and lose fat following Max’s nutrition and training advice. My posture has drastically improved and I’m no longer getting aches and pains at the end of the day after sitting in front of the decks or computer for hours!

Since working with Max I’m more confident in myself, I’ve got far more energy on a daily basis, and I feel more in-tune with my body. Three things I think everyone needs in their life!

Name: Lauren C.
Age: 29
Occupation: Professional Chef

I have been going to Max for personal training for around 18 months & it’s been transformative for both my physical & mental health. I used to hate going to the gym, but my partner was already seeing Max & persuaded me to give it a try.

Max is brilliant at gradually pushing you to get new PB’s (personal bests) so that it never feels unobtainable, especially when you’re new to training & easily scared off (like I was). Having said this he does push you & I can now do things in the gym that I never thought would be possible for me - such as pull ups and 100kg hip thrusts!

Strength training with Max has made me SO much more toned & body confident… & I don’t look anything like the beefcake my Mum thought I would from lifting weights! Thanks, Max!

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