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Online Coaching

"I work with you - building from where you are at right now - to create a healthier lifestyle that lends itself to us achieving your goals. The whole process is about acceptance & appreciation of our current situation, & knowing that what we are doing is designed to add to your life in the most ideal & sustainable manner possible."

Name: Alan F.
Age: 42
Occupation: Project Manager

Max listens and takes account of your personal circumstances to help you build programmes that are right for you. I feel challenged but still manage to work a full-time job and be a husband and dad. But he exceeds my expectations by being supportive when I need to reach out to ask a question or reminding me of the progress I’m making. It’s as close to having a real-time in person coach train with me as you can get!

I’ve learnt so much and that’s all thanks to Max. The knowledge and experience he has goes well beyond fitness. He’s equipped me to make better informed choices especially around nutrition. He gives you an all-round appreciation for taking your well-being as seriously as any workout or aesthetic goal.

I’m a more informed, happier and fitter version of me and that’s all thanks to Max. You can tell from the start that when you work with Max it’s not just another job for him. There’s a genuine passion to help you, help yourself. That’s why I would recommend choosing to work with Max!

Name: James H.
Age: 33
Occupation: Firefighter

I was attracted to Max’s coaching due to the transparency in his collective approach to mental health, wellbeing and fitness. I have bounced between being too fat and too skinny, and never happy or settled with my body composition, so Max pushed me into working on this, rather than just aiming to get lean as quickly as possible.

Max has completely changed my mindset and ability to cope with issues like injury, heavy weekends and missed sessions, and manage lifestyle factors like my new baby girl and shift work. I now don’t consider myself to have ‘fallen off the wagon’, or tell myself I will ‘start next Monday’. I know that it is about consistency and a healthy lifestyle, and with both of these in the forefront of your mind, motivation comes more easily, and the results do too!

If you are looking to transform your overall health and fitness long term, then Max is the man to help you do this. Especially if you have an ‘all or nothing’ relationship with exercise and diet!

Name: Ross W.
Age: 33
Occupation: Creative Director

I've learnt so much about overall exercise and general well-being with Max. All of the general health tips I now share with friends and family but the information and support I have received, tailored specifically to my goals, has been invaluable.

From working with Max, I now understand the importance of a flexible exercise structure and tracking progression over a long period of time which really helps motivation and cuts out any excuse for not having enough time. It is much more balanced and less rigid to how I was working out before, yet the goals have been hit and I've not felt like I've missed out in anything socially from being stuck to a timetable.

I would highly recommend Max to anyone looking to improve specific fitness goals but also to improve health and wellness with a tailored programme you will enjoy and actually want to stick to.

Name: Nathan L.
Age: 38
Occupation: Royal Air Force

Working with Max was successful for me as he taught me how to improve my nutrition and would regularly ask me how I felt if I was too full or hungry, and would then adjust aspects of the programme to help. Also, the programming allowed me to lose 4 stone in fat, whilst building muscle and fitness!

With his advice I have managed to continue to eat healthily; maintaining and even bettering our progress. And his advice on training and lifestyle has stuck with me, which has helped stop me from regressing when I hit a bump in the road.

I would definitely recommend working with Max - thanks to his help and advice I have once again found my confidence and happiness with my physical fitness.

Name: Saif A.
Age: 27
Occupation: Business Analyst & Social Media Manager

Max has been able to work around my hectic lifestyle and the way I eat so much food (due to my work)! He has given me the knowledge to be able to be prepared and account for days when I am eating more. I have been able to maintain and build a physique which I would have been happy with 5 years ago, whilst eating lots of food!

I really enjoy the vast amount of knowledge Max has, and how easy it is to communicate with him about how my diet is currently going. Throughout a difficult 2020 for many, he has been the one that has pushed me mentally and physically, by providing home workouts, which are very challenging and supporting my goals.

Whether  you have short or long-term goals, Max will do everything in his power to make sure you hit them. He creates and develops workouts which work around you and your busy schedule, and he provides the motivation and support we all need when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals.

Name: Natasha H.
Age: 41
Occupation: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Thanks to working with Max, I am more confident in my eating and now enjoy meals again with my daughters in the evening. My snacking is a lot more controlled but could still use some work! But we have made big improvements with this.

I found Max’s coaching style beneficial as he continued to respect my love for HIIT exercise and incorporated this in my daily resistance workouts, as well as taking in to account my busy work and family life! I enjoyed the variety of his exercises in each programme.

The variety of exercises and listening to your personal life and individual needs are some of the reasons I would recommend Max’s coaching to a friend. Also, learning how to manage your own body in your unique journey was a great addition, and this is really what is needed to understand your body for yourself in order to progress longer term.

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