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Corporate Health & Wellbeing

"As a qualified health and life coach, and nutrition coach, I use this alongside my extensive knowledge of exercise and biomechanics to help businesses and their employees improve their lifestyles at and away from work. I am equally happy to work with individuals, small groups and large cohorts of employees, and in formats designed by you (as the company) and me, to ensure your staff get the best service and most takeaways possible from our partnership."


Business: Vodafone
Business type: Telecommunications

I reached out to Max to support the wellbeing of my global team of 70 people to create a stretching and mobility programme, delivered in the form of a comprehensive educational video.

Max delivered against the brief with an inclusive and detailed set of mobility exercises and stretches, tying in stress-busting deep breathing exercises, and appealing to all abilities and delivered it in his uniquely engaging style.

This video has been great as an ongoing reference point for my team and myself, and a gesture really appreciated as a tonic to the stresses of working from home since the initial 2020 lockdown in March.


Business: psKINETIC

Business type: Automation and Intelligence Company

2020 saw COVID-19 turn the workplace on its head. As a tech company, we took to the challenge of remote working well thanks to processes, systems and tech equipment in place to work from home. However, remote working posed a new duty of looking after employee wellbeing from afar. Previous company culture, morale and socialising all came under threat and, without knowing how long this would last, I reached out to Max for help.

Max ran company-wide training to educate employees on how they could look after themselves whilst working from home. Feedback from individuals said wellbeing tips were extremely accessible and carefully considered to fit in with our company's type and style of work. Since then, Max and I have created wellbeing tips from Line Managers to look after their teams, wellbeing one pagers to send out to employees and company activities to promote wellbeing that can be done remotely.  
Max continues to engage with us as we grow as a business and our most recent employee engagement survey shows that despite COVID-19, our workforce feels more productive and more engaged than ever. I have no doubt this is due to Max's involvement.  

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